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Monday, June 25, 2012

Photoshop basic tools and technique tips

Photoshop tutorials not only teach you about the basic tools and technique but give you some tips on enhancing your Photoshop use and image results.

Here are four great Photoshop tutorials tips.

The first tip in the Photoshop tutorials is the way to boost Photoshop's performance by customizing the settings of your scratch disk. It's actually quite simple.

The scratch disk is part of your computer's hard drive, and Photoshop uses it just like virtual memory. The way you customize is to open your Photoshop program, then use the command control + K. This will bring up the preferences. You then choose "Plug-Ins and Scratch Disks" from your pull down menu. Its found at the top left of your dialog.

From this step you'll be taken to four more menus. Here is where you set the scratch disks one by when. Photoshop tutorials teach you the steps.

They are, in performance order, a hard drive other than the one in which you installed your Photoshop. The second move is to select a logical drive partition other than that chosen for installation of Photoshop. Next you select the Photoshop installation drive.

The final step is to select either a RAM disk or an external hard drive. If you don't have an external hard drive you can pick one up of 20g or more for under $40.

Photoshop tutorials also teach you how to use the addition of noise for cleaning up printed gradients. Gradients sometimes print out with striations that ruin the smooth clean color transition that you're looking for and that you saw on the computer screen.

The way to resolve this, according to the Photoshop tutorial, is to go to the noise filter, choose three percent, choose Gaussian, and then monochromatic. You will now have smooth Photoshop gradients.

If you would like to create snapshots before you run your actions Photoshop tutorials can help. The difficulty without just trying to undo the process when you don't like the result of these procedures is that there are too many steps to make it easy to go all the way back.

The very simple resolution is to create a snapshot of your image before you start running your action. All you have to do is open your Photoshop history palette and choose "Create New Snapshot.

The other option is to save the file before you start your action and revert your File to get back to this saved version.

The same Photoshop tutorial guides you through the use of the unsharp mask to improve your image's local contrast. This tool is handy for enhancing sharpness and detail.

Used at low settings, however, it also can be terrific for contrast improvement. What the Photoshop tutorials teach you to do is open the image needing improvement.

You then go to filter, to sharpen and to unsharp mask. The percentage you choose is 20, the radius is 50 and the threshold zero. It may be necessary to tweak the numbers a little. All that is left to do is to click okay.

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