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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Using Paladin PvP Guide

Have you looked at other Paladins in PvP combat and wondered if you could truly join their ranks and be nearly as good as them at what they do? A Paladin can be a wonderful thing on a good team – a melee fighter with heals that can pretty much survive a nuclear winter. But, none of that does any good if your opponents know you better that you do yourself – which is why a good Paladin PvP Guide is vital to any newcomer to Paladin PvP.

What Paladins Do in PvP

A Paladin might take on one of a few different roles in PvP according to most Paladin PvP Guides. First off, they will spend a good deal of time healing, no matter what situation you are in or what spec you have. In duals, they are considered a bane of most players because they can heal back from almost any health point once or twice and essentially triple their health bar. In group play they will work to provide bubbles, blessings, heals, and melee support throughout the battlefield in ways that no other class can do.

Of course, what many Paladin players don't realize and what Paladin PvP Guides strive to point out early on is that there are equally as many shortcomings to the Paladin class in PvP – the foremost of which is their reliance on mana with such a small mana pool. When that pool is drained they are pretty much sitting ducks. Second, they are stuck in melee combat. They have no means of closing in on a Hunter or a Mage all that easily and that makes them big old brick walls that must be worn down. Of course, as you will learn in the Paladin PvP Guide, that does not make them any easier, but if you don't know the right tricks for defeating those particular classes, you will learn that things are a lot tougher.

What a good Paladin PvP Guide Does

A good Paladin PvP Guide is not just a blueprint for how you will fight each other class, though those instructions can come in very handy for beginners to PvP. Rather, it is a chance for players to learn just about everything they need to know about the class and the other classes in a specific PvP environment. Sure a class guide is useful, but only a guide written about PvP will show you what to do in PvP.

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