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Monday, June 25, 2012

What Crops In FarmVille Are Right For You?

As any good FarmVille player knows, there are several different types of crops that can be planted and harvested for profit. The problem is knowing which crops to plant and which to steer clear from. How do you know what crops in FarmVille are right for you and your gaming style without wasting too much time and money using the trial and error method? Well, you simply take a look at the different types of crops that are available for the different time periods of harvesting. Here is your own little cheat sheet with the best of the best when it comes to crops in FarmVille:

Quick growing crops are those that are under 8 hours, and here are the best of these crops to plant for the turn around and profits:
1. Sugar Cane is by far the best, giving a profit margin of 59 coins per plot after just 8 hours, although you do have to be level 31 to plant these crops.
2. Tomatoes give the second best profit margin at 58 per plot for every 8 hours.
3. Ghost Chili gives another good profit margin at 41 per plot every 6 hours.

For crops that have a 10-12 hour harvest time, there are a couple that just stand out above the rest that will give you the best overall profits:
1. Onions are by far the best, with a profit margin of 90 coins after 12 hours, although you have to be level 34 to plant onions.
2. Acorn Squash gives you the next best profit margin of 83 coins after 10 hours.
3. Carrots give another great profit margin of 75 after 12 hours of harvest time.

For those 16 hour crops, there are only a few that fall into this category:
1. The best by far is Asparagus which gives you a profit margin of 122 coins after 16 hours of work, although you have to be level 37 for these crops.
2. Coffee is the next best crop with a profit margin of 108 after only 16 hours.

There are several day crops that take 23 hours to mature. Some are much better than others, and you should know which ones to plant if you prefer these crops in FarmVille:
1. The best by far are Peas, which gives a profit margin of 176 after 23 hours, although you have to be level 32 to grow these crops.
2. Another great crop is Grapes which give a profit of 170 after 23 hours and you only have to be level 19 for these.
3. Sunflowers are another great crop offering you 165 coins after 23 hours and you only have to be level 25 to plant them.

For those two day crops, you will also want to know the best:
1. Broccoli are by far the best two day crops as they give you a profit margin of 258 coins after they are harvested but you do have to be level 35 for these.
2. Cabbage is the second best, giving you a profit of 233 at only level 27.

While there are some longer growing crops, to figure out their profit margins you simply take the amount it costs to plant the crop and add 15 to it (for plowing expenses). Then you subtract that number from the overall amount that the crop will give you when harvested and you can easily figure out which ones are the best.

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